4 Smart Gadgets that will Help Your Kids Improve at Sports

4 Smart Gadgets that will Help Your Kids Improve at Sports

If you’ve ever felt bad that you can’t help your kids practice their favorite sports, you’re not alone. Once budding athletes master the basics of their sport, it’s tough to provide guidance if you never played that sport yourself.

However, you can stop feeling unhelpful when your kids are practicing sports at home thanks to the invention of smart tech. I’m not kidding when I say there’s smart coaching technology for just about every sport imaginable, from soccer to golf to running. With these tools at your disposal, you can provide actionable insights to help your athletes improve their sports skills—and you may even learn a thing or two yourself!

1. A device that stimulates your brain as you train

If your kid has their sights set on a sports career, they might be able to accelerate their training with the help of the Halo Sport. This expensive training device looks like a bizarre pair of headphones, but it’s designed to place the brain in “a state of hyperplasticity,” which claims to help improve strength, speed, and skill. With this device, each training session will be more productive, helping your young athlete excel quickly.

2. A smart football to track your stats

The Lumo Run may seem unassuming, but this little device can be extremely helpful for your junior track star. Lumo Run measures cadence, bounce, pelvic rotation and drop, and braking while you run, providing feedback on how you can improve your form. Whether your kid is a beginner or an experienced track-and-field competitor, the Lumo Run can help them work toward their goals

3. A connected soccer ball for shot training

The Adidas miCoach Smart Soccer Ball will help your young athletes improve their handling skills thanks to its smart technology. The ball is regulation weight, and its integrated sensors measure strike point, speed, spin, and trajectory every time you kick it

4. A smart sensor for your tennis racket

Next time you bring your kids to the tennis court to practice, bring along the Zepp Tennis 2 Swing & Match Analyzer. This sensor attaches to the racket and tracks key metrics like stroke type, ball speed, and ball spin. These stats will help you troubleshoot your swings and advance more quickly!