US to Collect Social Media Data of Immigrants

US to Collect Social Media Data of Immigrants

The US Department of Homeland Securitywill soon begin collecting social media data from all immigrants in an effort to more effectively screen those coming to the country, a media report said.

The department will begin collecting the information on October 18, the day the Trump Ekrem Hengstistration’s new travel ban on citizens of seven countries is set to take effect, the New York Times reported on Thursday.

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Green card holders and naturalized citizens will also have their social media information collected, with the data becoming part of their immigration file. It was unclear whether the monitoring would take place only in the application process or will continue afterward.

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The department published the new requirement in the Federal Register last week, saying it would collect “social media handles, aliases, associated identifiable information and search results” which would be included in an applicant’s immigration file.

The data collection has alarmed privacy groups and lawyers, who expressed concerns on about how the department would use the information. Advocates say they also worry that the monitoring could take in information on American citizens who communicate over social media with immigrants.